Superpower for supertomorrow

with the school of programming for children aged 6 to 18

Teachers who love their subject  and know how to captivate children

No more than 12 students in a group, so that teacher gives every student the support they need

Online or at Algorithmics school: you choose the format yourself

Courses for everyone: your child doesn't need to have coding experience or "a technical mindset"

Study at international school

90+ countries
515 partners
1 100 000 graduates

We are trusted by the parents of hundreds of thousands of children around the world

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Get ready for today and tomorrow

Improve school performance
Improve school performance

We will fall in love with the exact sciences, get a fresh take on ordinary subjects, and achieve surprising results at school

Prepare for future professions
Prepare for future professions

We will nurture mathematical thinking and try ourselves in the most promising IT fields

Develop universal skills
Develop universal skills

We will learn to think critically, work in teams and feel free to make mistakes on the path to achieving qualifications the world needs

Learn, Create, Communicate

All our classes take place on our online learning platform. You don't need to download new software, buy textbooks or check homework because the Algorithmics platform does all three:

Smart school book

Your kid will learn at their own pace — our platform analyzes their progress and suggests tasks with the right difficulty level

Laboratory of projects

Here students apply their knowledge in practice right from the start: build games in Scratch or develop apps in Python

Community of interest

Children share their projects right in the platform: like, comment and find friends among Algorithmics students all around the world

Achieve real results while having fun

How much of what a child learns at school will they manage to apply to real life? To make sure our students not only build their knowledge but also achieve results, we’ve developed our own teaching methodology

Our key principles are:

Exciting topics

Whether it's launching a spaceship to Mars, going undercover as a special agent, or a career in an IT company, every course at Algorithmics is an adventure with a captivating story

Sparking passion

We focus on solving concrete problems, not abstract tasks. How do you make a cartoon character move? Say hello to degree angles!

No overloading

We switch topics regularly so that our students don't get bored. A single class might include a comic on a new topic, physical activities, and discussing the latest IT news

Use platform gamification mechanics,
join Algorithmics global community,
create, and get inspired!

Choose your location

Or study online

Online classes take place via live video, not as record

The students get to talk to their teacher and classmates in real time, and can do so from anywhere on Earth

All students need for their classes is a PC or laptop and an internet connection

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